implanting pigment into the second layer of the skin and create hair like strokes. This gives the illusion of real hair. 

we recommend an annual color boost to keep your brows looking fresh. 
We design your brows using a pencil based on your facial structure, precise measurements, natural brow hair and your desired look. 
We select a color based on your desired color and natural brow color.
You have complete control over your procedure. Nothing is done without your shape and color approval first. Brow shaping and choosing color is always a collaborative process. 
Most clients say it feels like threading many hairs. 
Do you numb the area?: Yes. Topical numbing is applied along with a medical grade numbing gel throughout the procedure. Our new numbing system is very effective! 

Minimum of 2 (10% of clients may need 3)

Yes. We only use 100% disposable tools. We are up to date with OSCHA standards for sanitation and cleanliness. Not to mention all of our artists are Bloodborne Pathogens Certified.