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Natural, Full Brows

If you’re ready to wake up with perfect eyebrows, this is the service for you.

We can create your ideal brow shape with microblading.

Toss the brow pencils and powders away.

We’ll consult you on the best brow design for your face.

For optimal results, younger, dry skin is ideal.

Microblading Hair-stroke Eyebrows


For optimal results, Mature, Sun Damaged or wrinkled skin is ideal. This is also permanent makeup, but it’s totally different technique from microblading or traditional tatooed brows. the powder brow techniquepunctures the skan with little needles to deposit color. Needles can me hand held or conected to a cosmetic tatoo gun. The finished look  reviels more of a shaded, piglelated effect like you have used brow pencil to fill them in rather than individual strokes. Powder brows gives a more prominent look and great for someone who wears makeup on a daily basis and have very little brow hair. Powder brows last longer than Microblading. Lasts 18plus months with yearly touch-ups


The term Ombre is a shaded brow with different gradient of color in one brow. This is where the tail and part of the body of the brow looks darker than the front to give a more natural look.


Combo/Combination Brows(microblading and shading)

For optimal results, older or younger, oily skin is ideal. This is a combination of microblading and powder brows to achieve a natural yet prominent look. Great for both  everyday and glammed up looks 

Lasts 18 months plus with yearl touch-ups