Eyelash Extentions

Lash Full Sets

Classic, Hybrid,Volume or Mega Volume // 190 mins


Lash Lift and Tint


All Full sets will include

A detailed consultation

Eye design

Lash Education

Aftercare kit to last 2 months

Lash Fills

Lash Fill // 30 mins

(weekly fill for Classic, Hybrid, Volume, Mega Volume)


Lash Fill // 60 mins

(2-3 weeks regular fill for Classic, Hybrid, Volume)


Lash Fill // 90 mins

(3.5-4.5 weeks fills for extended, adopted, upgrades, and Mega Volume fills)



(Due to Covid we are unable to offer this service as it can only be done with the face masks off)

Brow/wax threading


Full Face Threading/wax


Chin/upperlip/cheeks threading/wax


Full Pricing

Add on

Under eye/lip collagen treatment


Foot/Hand treatment




Lash removal (25 mins)



Brow Lamination(70mins)


Brow Sculpting with Tint or Henna(70mins)


Brow Upkeep(30min)


Lash or Brow tint(15min)


Permanent Make-up(Unless otherwise stated, all prices in this section includes 1st and 2nd sessions)



Combo (Microblading + Miroshading)160mins




Eyeliner Top and Bottom (both eyes 190mins)


Shaded Eyeliner( eyeshadow + eyeliner 200mins)


Eyeliner Top or Bottom(both eyes 150mins)


Full Lip Color/Blushing(190 mins)


Touch-Ups  for Permanent Make-up

Touch-up(Any minor tatoo touch-up 30min)


Permanent make-up Touch-up (13-24mos, 120mins)


Permanent makeup Touch-up (6-12mos , 100mins)


Permanent makeup Touch-up (4-6wks 70min)