[trx_title align=”center”]Eyelash Extentions
[trx_title align=”center” class=”title”]Lash Full Sets

Classic, Hybrid,Volume or Mega Volume // 190 mins


Lash Lift and Tint


All Full sets will include

A detailed consultation

Eye design

Lash Education

Aftercare kit to last 2 months

[trx_title align=”center” class=”title”]Lash Fills

Lash Fill // 30 mins

(weekly fill for Classic, Hybrid, Volume, Mega Volume)


Lash Fill // 60 mins

(2-3 weeks regular fill for Classic, Hybrid, Volume)


Lash Fill // 90 mins

(3.5-4.5 weeks fills for extended, adopted, upgrades, and Mega Volume fills)


[trx_title align=”center” class=”title”]Threading

(Due to Covid we are unable to offer this service as it can only be done with the face masks off)

Brow/wax threading


Full Face Threading/wax


Chin/upperlip/cheeks threading/wax


[trx_title align=”center”]Full Pricing
[trx_title align=”center” class=”title”]Add on

Under eye/lip collagen treatment


Foot/Hand treatment




Lash removal (25 mins)


[trx_title align=”center” class=”title”]Brows

Brow Lamination(70mins)


Brow Sculpting with Tint or Henna(70mins)


Brow Upkeep(30min)


Lash or Brow tint(15min)


[trx_title align=”center” class=”title”]Permanent Make-up(Unless otherwise stated, all prices in this section includes 1st and 2nd sessions)



Combo (Microblading + Miroshading)160mins




Eyeliner Top and Bottom (both eyes 190mins)


Shaded Eyeliner( eyeshadow + eyeliner 200mins)


Eyeliner Top or Bottom(both eyes 150mins)


Full Lip Color/Blushing(190 mins)


Touch-Ups  for Permanent Make-up

Touch-up(Any minor tatoo touch-up 30min)


Permanent make-up Touch-up (13-24mos, 120mins)


Permanent makeup Touch-up (6-12mos , 100mins)


Permanent makeup Touch-up (4-6wks 70min)