With the right training you’ll learn the skills necessary to do this for others! So lets do some math. The average cost of for you to learn these two skills is around $1500. The average price clients pay for this service is $150, your average cost in supplied per client is $7. The average time to do this service is 2 hours.

So lets say, on average you work a short day with just 3 clients a day 5 days a week. That’s $2250 a week or $9000 a month with you costs being only $105 a week of $420 a month. That’s $8580 a month!! And this is with no travel, you can do this all within your city/town!

Are you ready to quit your 9-5?!

“So happy I found Lois and her staff in my search for the best eyelash extensions in Lincoln. I spent plenty of time researching once I decided to start my eyelashes journey. I knew I was going to be committed and wanted someone to be clean and professional. That is exactly what I found. Lois always does a fantastic job. Lovely full lashes ever time. I go with the volume set now and it lasts 3 weeks easily. I am very active and work in a hot kitchen and they hold up in the humidity very well. I am hooked and now she added Molly who threads my eyebrows and she did a great job as well! You can get all kinds of professional facial work done in one place. I am more than happy with my experiences with Lois and her staff and look forward to a long time of pampering myself just like every woman and Mom needs!!!”

Chantel G.

Lincoln, NE – Yelp Review

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