Care instructions for all procedures:

Please read before your appointment Pre-Care for Microblading and Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is done in two sessions. First session is setting the foundation where color is chosen and shape is built. We try to go subtle and be a bit more conservative on first sessions. The second session is the perfecting session where density is build, and shape is more defined. You may at this time choose to go for a bolder shape, or darker color. There are many factors(skin type, exposure to sun, aftercare, certain medications) affecting pigment retention, making it hard to predict how well the pigment will hold after your first session hence your touchup session is imperative. In rare cases a third session may be necessary to fully perfect the design. For any permanent makeup, plan on scheduling your touch-up within the first 2 months. It’s only after your touch-up that you’ll actually see your results.

If you have previously tattooed eyebrows the color has to be at least 60% gone before your procedure. If not, schedule a color removal prior to microblading/microshading. Results vary with previously tattooed brows and are not guaranteed.

  • If you get fillers, they should be done 4 weeks prior to your scheduled procedure or done 4 weeks after the procedure.
  • If you use botox, it should be performed either 2 weeks prior to your scheduled procedure or 2 weeks after your procedure.
  • Avoid power shakes and power greens 3 days prior to the procedure, as it can cause blood thinning and heavy bleeding!
  • We do not work on anyone pregnant or still breastfeeding, no exceptions.
  • NOT CANDIDATES FOR PERMANENT MAKEUP: Those with heart conditions, pacemakers or defibrillators(no exceptions). If you “keloid” scar, you need to ask your doctor prior to this procedure (raised scarring, hemophiliac).
  • If you take any blood thinners you will bleed and the pigment WILL NOT retain.
  • If you have oily skin, your results WILL appear softer (eyebrows can look solid) in appearance and may require additional procedures. Microshading/combo is a better option over Microblading.
  • Come to your appointment with your eyebrows penciled the way you like them (optional) if you like & bring your eyebrow pencil with you to help with color selection.
  • Clients with darker skin (Indian, African American, Filipino, etc.), Please know that the hair strokes and eyeliners WILL NOT appear as defined or as dark as lighter skin types due to the skin color already being naturally darker.
  • If you have lash extensions on, they will need to be taken off prior to any permanent eyeliner and can be put back on 2 weeks after lash touch up the session. Removal not required for brows.
  • NO alcohol or caffeine 24 hours before the procedure (Yes, there is caffeine in decaf coffee and tea).
  • Avoid sun and tanning one week prior to the procedure.
  • Avoid fish oil, and “Hair, Skin, Nail” supplements 24 hours prior to the procedure.
  • Discontinue Glycolics, Chemical Peels and Retin-A 4 weeks prior.
  • Refrain from the use of any Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) products close to the eyebrow area 2 weeks prior to and 2 weeks after your procedure. Check your moisturizer, face wash BB or CC creams and makeup primers for anything that says acid.
  • No brow waxing or tinting one week before.
  • Please Note: You will be more sensitive during your menstrual cycle as well.
  • You have to be off any kind of Accutane for 1 year. NO Exceptions

Aftercare Instructions for Permanent Makeup(Eye/lip liner, full lip color)

  • Do not apply makeup on the procedure area(s) for 48 hours.
  • Do not touch the procedure area(s) with your fingers, they may have bacteria on them and create an infection. Use a clean cotton swab to apply Ointment given to you 2 times daily for 7 to 10 days.
  • Do not rub or pick the procedure areas while it’s healing (pigment may be removed along with crusting tissue).
  • For all permanent makeup procedures: avoid swimming, tanning, steam rooms, or jacuzzi for two weeks.
  • You may use cool tea bags to help decrease any swelling or inflammation.

Aftercare Instructions for Microblading/Microshading/Combo


Starting one hour after your appointment, carefully dab your brows every hour until bedtime with lightly dampened gauze or dry paper towel to help eliminate fluid build up. You can use distilled water or sterile water (boiled or cooled water). Right before bed, gently wash your brows with baby wash or dial antibacterial soap.

Use room temperature water to lightly wet your brows. Pump a small amount of soap onto your fingertips and make suds. You should no longer feel the soap, just the bubbles. Gently pat the bubbles on your brows for about 10 seconds. Splash rinse and pat dry with clean gauze or tissue. Wait 10 minutes and apply a small amount of aftercare by tapping it on the brows. If they look too saturated, use a tissue to blot the excess.

DAY 2 TO 14

Continue with washing both day and night until healed. If you have oily skin, use aftercare only after washing. If you have normal to dry skin, apply aftercare throughout the day as needed when brows feel dry. Do not overuse aftercare. A little bit goes a long way. Keep remaining aftercare for touch-up.

Eyeliner and Brows DO NOT…

  • Get procedure area wet other than washing them. Be careful when showering.
  • Take steamy showers.
  • Go swimming.
  • Expose your procedure area to the sun. Wear a hat if you will be outside for a prolonged amount of time.
  • Sweat for 7 days. This means no working out.salt is a sovent and has the potential to dissolve color
  • Apply makeup to the area. Other makeup is fine but avoid touching brows/eyeliner with anything but aftercare.
  • Apply anything but the aftercare product provided for your brows
  • Get facials and/or peels for to 4 weeks.
  • Get BOTOX for 2 weeks.
  • Pick the flaking color. This can remove it completely. Let it release on its own.

Brows are fully healed at 4 – 6 weeks. During this time, you may notice changes in your brows that can be alarming. They will become darker, shed lightly, and they seem very light.

The color is hiding underneath color of opaque-healing skin. This will go away within two weeks. You may feel they appear uneven at times due to this. At 4 weeks, if you feel they need it, you can schedule a touch up for $100. The touch up can be performed at 6 weeks and up to 12 weeks.

Lash Extensions After care

  • Cleanse your lashes before your appointment. Clean lashes = more / longer lash time
  • Come to your appointment with no make-up if possible. If you do have make-up on(eyes and forehead specifically) please utilize our cleaning station in the restroom to take make-up off prior to your appointment.
  • Come prepared to relax, Lash time is nap time. The more relaxed you are, the faster your appointment will be.
  • Avoid caffeinated beverages two hours before your appointment.
  • If suffering from allergies, which may result in excessive tearing or sneezing during your appointment, please take the appropriate medication prior to your appointment and let your technician know.
  • Avoid using waterproof mascara.
  • Cleanse your lashes twice a day and groom only the tip of your lashes
  • Be gentle, DO NOT peel or pick on lashes.

Without lash extensions we shed about 2-3 lashes per eye everyday. With lash extensions, sheding of lashes will be more apparent as the extensions will be attached to the natural lash. It is normal to lose 5-7 lashes per eye weekly when wearing lash extensions. Lashes will shed naturally and at the end of the cycle, retouch will be necessary every 2-3 weeks to replenish these lashes. Schedule your touch up appointment 1-2 weeks before actually needing it. 

Lash lift and tint after care instructions 

  • The use of Sauna/Steam is possible after 24hrs but may weaken the effect of the lift.
  • No eye make-up for 24 hours.
  • Try to use oil-free facial products around the eye area to prolong the tint color.
  • Try to avoid putting in your contact lens for the rest of the day.

Brow Sculpting(Henna/tint)

  • Avoid rubbing the eyes/brows
  • Avoid putting contact lenses back in for the rest of the day
  • Avoid swimming/sauna for 24 hours
  • Keep lashes/brows dry for 24 hours
  • Use a lash/brow conditioner daily
  • Comb the lashes upwards using the mascara wand
  • No self-tanning products should be used on the face for 48 hours after treatment