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Lash fills

The cycle of the eyelash is 60-90 days. Lashes will shed naturally and at the end of the cycle, retouch(fill) will be necessary every 2-3 weeks to replenish these lashes.

Without lash extensions we shed 2-3 natural lashes everyday. Wearing lash extensions will not prevent this shed, except make it more prominent due to the extension  attached to the natural lash.

It is normal to lose 5-7 lashes per eye weekly when wearing lash extensions so don’t be alarmed as you see a few shed here and there

There are seasons(fall and spring)where you may shed a little more than normal as our bodies adjust to new temperatures. Keep in mind that any shedding excessively more then the  average mentioned above is not normal. Contact us ASAP in such instances and we would problem solve and make sure you are taken care off. 

The normal lash cycle may vary from one individual to the other but the ideal time to have your lash fill is every 2 weeks. It’s imperative to fill your lashes  with in this time as we replenish lashes that have grown out/ or fallen  out. This prevents tangling and keeps the integrity of your natural lashes.

To qualify for a regular fill, you  must have at least 50% of your lash extensions present. Any less than 50% of lashes would require an extended fill. A full set of lashes will be needed after failing to get a fill in 4.5 weeks. Please keep in mind that any lash appoint 4.5 weeks and beyond is considered a full set.

Lash fill options:

This is  a very short fill intended to fill in a few gaps here and there. Great touch-up for that perfect date/occasion. Not recommended as a regular fill.

The whole appointment takes about 30min including cleanup times start to finish. You can book this fill for all lash sets classic, hybrid, volume or mega volume

Maintain the fullness of your eyelash extensions by replacing those that have naturally shed. Schedule this fill every 2 weeks for any classic set of lash extensions. It takes 45-60mins start to finish including clean up times.

Book this fill every 2 week for any hybrid sets. It takes 60-70min.

Book this fill every 2-3 weeks. For any volume set of extensions. If you have classic or hybrid and want to move up to a volume set, book an upgrade. Volume fills are usually 60-80mins.

With this service we remove lashes that are grown out, deep clean, possible restyling and refill. This is not a full set you should have at least 30% of lash extensions present. You can book this service up to a maximum of 4 weeks after your last appointment. Please keep in mind that any lash appoint 4.5 weeks and beyond is considered a full set. This would be an ideal fill to book if your extensions are less than 50% or you are coming from a different lash studio and unsure of the condition of your lashes.

We also recommend booking this fill every 3rd fill to keep your lashes in good shape and preserve the integrity of natural lashes.

Remember you can always give us a call to help you decide which fill option is best for you.

Book this fill if you currently have classic or hybrid lashes and want to go to volume or mega volume. It take 90-120 mins

Clients (new or previous) that are coming in from another business with a set of lashes on, we require at least a 90 minute fill to assess the technique previously used, the integrity of your lashes, and consultation  for desired outcome! In some instances- it may be necessary for us to remove the lashes on and upgrade to a full set the Lois Beauty way to guarantee our work

All Fills are now based on Time.

Lash Fill 30minutes(weekly fills for all lash sets)

Lash Fill 60minutes(2-3 weeks fill for all lash sets)

Lash Fill 90minutes(3.5-4.5 weeks for extended, adopted, upgrades and mega volume fills)

Lash Lift & Tint

For some, this option work well that they stop using mascara products. For others, it helps to shorten their makeup routine by eliminating the need to curl their lashes. For many, lash curl and tint provide an enhanced look during no-makeup periods.
This service  should be booked in 6 weeks intervals.