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Appointment Booking and Care Guidelines + Policies for Lashes:
  • Come prepared to relax. Avoid caffeinated beverages 2 hrs before your appointment as it makes your eyes flutter. The more relaxed you are the faster your appointment.
  • If suffering from allergies which may result in excessive tearing, sneezing during your appointment please inform us prior to appointment.
  • Cleanse your lashes before your appointment. Clean lashes=more lash time( we lash from the forehead so it’s essential you come to your lash appointment with little or no makeup on). In the event you have excessive makeup on, please use our lash cleaning station in bathroom to take off.
  • When working over another artist's work, there will be additional fees to cover any extra work.
  • If you did enter a debit or credit card to book your appointment rest assured it's save and only used to hold your spot.
  • For new clients, a 30% down payment is required on all Eyelash Extension full sets to secure and ensure commitment to appointment. For fills only we require a credit card to reserve your spot. You won’t be charged until the time of your visit.
  • 3% will be charged PER credit / debit card transaction within our spa. We prefer cash or check within our spa and there’s no extra charge for cash or check payments.
  • For new clients wanting just a fill, depending on the last fill, we may need more time for removals or lash replacements hence an extended fill is ideal for booking.
  • For new clients wanting just a fill, depending on the last fill, we may need more time for removals or lash replacements hence an extended fill is ideal for booking.
  • If there’s a request for both Eyelash Extension and Microblading procedure appointments, an Eyelash Extension procedure should be scheduled first then Microblading/powered brows second. We will need a 30% down payment on BOTH appointments.
  • To ensure the highest level of spa experience, please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your scheduled service time. Arriving 15 minutes late or more will limit your treatment time and we reserve the right to cancel service and charge cancellation fee.
  • Microblading

    What is Microblading?

    Microblading is a tattooing technique in which a small tool made of several tiny needles is used to add semi-permanent pigment to the skin and hair-like strokes with the tool mimic natural hairs in your brows.

    How long does microblading last?

    The procedure lasts twelve eighteen months.

    What does maintenance look like with microblading?

    We recommend an annual color boost to keep your brows looking fresh.

    How do you choose a brow color for my microblading procedure?

    We select a color based on your desired color and natural brow color. You have complete control over your procedure. Nothing is done without your shape and color approval first. Brow shaping and choosing color is always a collaborative process.

    Does microblading hurt?

    Most clients say it feels like threading many hairs.

    Do you numb the area?: Yes.

    Topical numbing is applied along with a medical grade numbing gel throughout the procedure. Our new numbing system is very effective!

    How long is the healing process for microblading? What does it look like?

    Two weeks.

    Lash Extensions

    Are lash extensions painful?

    The process of application is pain-free and incredibly relaxing. Many people fall asleep during the process.

    How long will lash extensions typically last?

    Lash extensions last indefinitely but if you don’t get a fill, it takes about 2 months for lashes to shed. If you don’t get a fill and wish to take lashes off, that’s something our team can do for an additional fee.

    How long should you go in between lash fills?

    We recommend getting a fill every two weeks to keep extensions looking full.

    What is the 4-5 Fill?

    The 4-5 Fill gives your artist an extra 20 minutes of application to get your lashes fuller. This is the ideal fill if you want to get a fuller look, or if you’ve gone longer between fills and need that extra boost to get back to where you want to be. This must be booked within 5 weeks of the previous service.

    What do you need to do before your lash extension appointment?

    Prior to your lash appointment, we ask that you cleanse your lashes before your appointment. And, try to avoid caffeinated beverages right before your appointment. The more relaxed you are the faster we can complete your lash fill.

    What if I have allergies?

    If you’re suffering from allergies which may result in excessive tearing or sneezing during your appointment, please reschedule or take an antihistamine prior to appointment and let our team know.

    Why do I need a card on file?

    We require a card on file for booking an appointment. Please give at least 24 hours notice of cancellation if you can’t make your appointment. Failure to do so may result in a $25 fee up to the total amount of your service. When you enter a debit or credit card to book your appointment, rest assured it’s safe and only used to hold your spot in case of a no show appointments.

    Lash Extensions (Continued)

    What can I expect with my lash fill appointment? How much can I expect to spend on a fill?

    For current clients, please allow for an hour fill. Some of the old lashes that have fallen out will be replenished, and lashes will be cleaned at the appointment. You have to have at least 50% of your lashes to qualify for a fill. If it’s less than 50%, it’s an extended fill and if it’s 30% or less, we charge for a full set.

    Can I get a fill if I’m coming from a different lash artist or out-of-town?

    Yes, but there will be additional charges for additional work needed.

    What do I do if you’re running behind or with another client and I’ve arrived for my appointment?

    Every client is unique and service times may vary slightly causing occasional delays. We kindly ask for your patience and communicating with our receptionist upfront

    What are the various lash packages available to me?

    Please refer to our pricing or booking page to view the full list of services

    Permanent Makeup

    What is permanent makeup?

    Permanent makeup is a form of tattooing and this cosmetic technique produces designs that resemble makeup, such as eyelining and other permanent enhancing colors to the skin of the face, lips, and eyelids.

    Is permanent makeup safe?

    Yes, it’s safe. However, no tattoo ink has been FDA approved. A top of the line topical anesthetic is used to maximize pain-reducing any if at all discomfort. We will only proceed once the shape and color is approved by both the technician as well as the client.

    How do you choose my colors for permanent makeup?

    We always try to go a shade lighter than your natural hair and we have a variety of colors, and we try to color match with several different colors, to find a pigment that’s optimal for a client’s face.

    How long does permanent makeup last?

    It depends on the service but it can last anywhere from one year to three years.