There are TONS of Lash extension training programs out there. It can seem overwhelming when you’re trying to find the right Lash Extension Class for you.

Here’s 4 Hot Tips to look for when you’re doing your research.

Questions to ask:

1. What regulations and guidelines does the program follow?

Unfortunately the Eyelash Extension Industry is NOT as regulated as it should be in Nebraska as well as most of the US.  For this reason, you see many people teaching and doing lashes without proper certifications.  Therefore, it’s important to do your homework when selecting a reputable Lash extension program.  Finding an instructor who is specifically certified to teach Lash Extensions is the key.  Make sure you find someone who has experience and actively works within the field.  And definitely look for pictures of their work as well as testimonials from other students and clients to verify the quality of their program.

Thankfully, @lois_beauty_academy we are Certified, Licensed and insured. We pride ourselves in the integrity and quality of our training programs!  So feel free to contact us.

2. What is included in your starter kit?

First of all, always find a class that gives you the right amount of items in your kit and no surplus. When you are starting your lash business, having too many products in your kit that you don’t necessarily need right away, can be too overwhelming.

Wait until after the class to upgrade your kit once you are comfortable with the basic products. (You can check the kits that come with our classes by clicking here).


3. How many hours does the course entail?

Lashing is not something you can learn quickly.  Our Lash course is designed to get you up and running through an online learning suite and two full days of hands on training with more than one model.  Students are always shocked to learn how much theory goes into lashing and it is not something that can be taught in a couple hours or a one day.  Rest assured if you sign up for our courses, you will get thoroughly educated so you can fully serve your clients.

4. What support would you Have once you completed training?

Becoming efficient in your work will need consistent practice and guidance after your class. Make sure to ask if the program includes some form of online training systems and ongoing education and support with your Lash extension training instructor.  This is so important, as you will undoubtedly run into questions over the course of your career.

After training with us you will have life time access to our online learning suite, & more. We want to make sure you have all support and tools necessary to succeed.


Check out our updated schedule of classes here:

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