Want to know something that sounds a bit ridiculous? When I started this business, I used to be so afraid to turn a client away when I was over booked. I was usually afraid of clients reaction as hated to disappoint/not please them. Some clients have also thrown tantrums in the pass that left me scared 😅.

This Caused me so much anxiety and with time I grew somewhat resentful at the fact that my whole life revolved around my work. I came to despise the art I so very much loved and wanted to quit way too many times. Definitely not a good client or artist experience. I just didn’t know a better way to do it. But today, I’ve grown and realized you can never serve from an empty vessel. Take time to replenish your spirit and others will benefit from the overflow later.

Scroll the carousel to see what approaches I used throughout my experience when I had to decline the service to a client.

If I don’t feel comfortable performing a microblading or Lash extension service, I refer a client to anotherArtist or just decline the service. But keep in mind that you should never cancel an appointment without notifying a client regardless of the circumstance. It’s a simple courtesy and act that maintains the sense of decency in that interaction even if it is uneasy.

Have you had any clients you’ve struggled to let go off, share your stories below or send me a DM 🙂