We are so proud of our students work!

For instance, Here is one of them!🙌🏽😍 .  This is a classic set by @bri_church who just started working @evessalonandspa.

This set was only her 2nd model! Can you believe it?!?

As a result, she’s a natural!

To schedule an appointment with Bri, follow the link : https://hairartbybri.glossgenius.com/

Back in 2015 I took my first Lash Extension class and my life was never the same.  I went from having 4 clients a week to 20+ clients a week. From making 2 digits to 6 figures a year all while I was a full time nursing student.
One thing I’ve learned from my experiences is that as individuals we have so much potential. If only we could look within ourselves before looking outward for fulfillment. We all have gifts and talents, find yours, develop it, Invest in yourself. A 4-5 year degree is great but isn’t always the answer or the only way.
I spent $70,000 on my nursing degree
I spent $2000-$3000 on my first lash extension training and it’s given me the biggest return so far in every possible way.
Since then, I’ve dedicated my time to help others attain success just like I did. Many of my students have been able to quit their 9-5 and you can too.
Comment below ⬇️ if you want more details on how I did.

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We are so proud of our students

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